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Discover Soča Valley's hidden gems on horseback.               An amazing experience with horses!


trail riding

A unique way to see the scenic countryside of the upper Soča Valley. Suitable for beginners and experienced riders. You can choose between different trail lengths and rider skill levels in Most na Soči, Tolmin and the surrounding area.
approx. 2-hour experience with horses (for beginners)
After grooming and tacking up the horses we will reach a wonderful viewpoint by riding along the forest routes. 
The tour runs across the unspoiled and quiet forest areas of the hill Mengore. It takes us past numerous well-preserved, partly cleaned and restored military ruins. It runs past trenches, caves, memorials, reservoir, remains of stone walls of cabins to a well. Located on the top of Mengore hill is a pilgrimage church from where a wonderful view opens over the Soča valley and the Julian Alps in the background. 
approx. 3-hour riding tour (for experienced riders)
On our way we will ride along one of the most beautiful rivers in the Alps - the Soča River. Wading through the river is a remarkable experience.
Grooming and tacking up the horses is included.
full day riding tour (for experienced riders, min. 4 participants)
Join us on the trail ride "Nazaj v planinski raj" ("Back to the mountain paradise") to the village of Vrsno above the Soča River at the foot of Mt. Krn where famous poet Simon Gregorčič was born. There is a beautiful panoramic view of the Soča river and stunning mountain surroundings from Vrsno. After eating "frika", which is a local dish eaten in the Soča Valley, we will return to the valley.

riding school

- beginner course
- advanced course
-the Rider 1 and 
 the Rider 2 evaluation

riding for kids

A 45-minute program is the perfect way to introduce your child to horse riding. We take children from the age of four. It is a 30-minute lead-rein arena riding lesson. It is a safe and incredibly rewarding introduction to the equestrian world and will build the rider`s confidence. This is a lead-rein session, meaning that one of our guides leads the horse at all times so children are fully supervised. The program also includes brushing, saddling and bridling. 

DRESS CODE: Children are required to wear long trousers and appropriate footwear (no sandals allowed). INCLUSIONS: helmet, body protector

riding for everyone - arena riding

It is a 45-minute a lead-rein arena riding lesson.

trail riding with professional 
photo-shooting in the Soča River

Head home with a unique memory of your time in the Soča Valley from a private photo shoot. A professional photographer will create personalised images of you in the Soča River. DURATION: approx. 3 hours
for experienced riders only 

The horse’s pace on trail rides depends on quite a few factors:
- the terrain you’re riding on,
- the weather conditions,
- your ability as a rider.
Participants are asked to follow the instructions, given by personnel. Safety rules must be followed.
INCLUSIONS: english speaking guide, helmet, riding gaiters 
GROUP SIZE: 2 - 4 riders 
DRESS CODE: All riders must wear appropriate footwear (no sandals allowed), long pants and by the age of 18, the helmet and body protector is mandatory.
WEIGHT LIMIT: max. 85 kg per individual 
Ranč Pelance takes no responsibility for any injuries or accidents that might occur during the participation in the horseback riding and equine activities. 

Souvenirs from Slovenia

lucky horseshoe

"A superstition lasts more than a religion." Theophile Gautier Horseshoes are probably the most well-known good luck charm or symbol in the Western World. The horseshoe has a long history of being a protective symbol. Amulets and talismans, in the popular belief have the funcion of protection from evil, attracting the luck, happiness or making happen an event particulary desired. Are common to all cultures of our civilization, ancient objects, the use of which is lost in the mists of time. Iron is a strong metal which withheld fire. This gives a strong resemblance of strength, power, reliability and durability. However the horseshoe if hanged on a wall, or somewhere else, to bring luck must always be in an upward position ("U"). Touching it brings good luck and riches, but it does not have to be new, it must belong or be lost by the horse. This is why many people in contemporary society prefer giving out gifts that have horseshoe on them. It may be at a wedding or even at a birthday. It can also be a gift idea for newborn baby or a top gift for children of all ages. Apparently, only real, used horseshoes are the lucky ones....the horse strikes luck into them as they walk. Because of that, all unique "lucky horseshoes" are used.

Different models available, for more inf. please send a request.

T-shirts, polar fleeces
Slovenian honey gifts


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